Partnering with Us


Partnering with Us


        If your heart’s desire is to help the less fortunate, there are several ways you can join us in doing just that.

        Because we are a non-profit organization and often permit low-income residents to reside at Cedarcroft, financial assistance is always beneficial.  All financial gifts are tax deductible, and checks can be made to Cedarcroft Home.

        We also offer free toiletries to our residents, so donations of these items are welcomed, as well. 

       Other much-needed items include bath towels, twin bed sheets and pillowcases.  When you have 136 men showering and changing sheets, you can run through many linens in a week!

        Aside from donations, our residents greatly enjoy personal visits, cards and letters.  Since many of them have little or no family close by, they especially enjoy that personal touch.   When they hear their names called for mail, you can see their faces light up with excitement!

        Some church groups visit regularly to lead Bible studies; while we whole-heartedly welcome those studies, there are many other things we would love to offer the men, as well.  Craft workshops, classes in basic skills such as reading and writing, and exercise groups, for example, would be a great way to help out. We have a few residents who like to plant vegetables in the spring, so gardening groups would be pleasurable, too. If you have a gentle pet, consider bringing it by for a visit.  Any area of interest you have would most likely be interesting to our men, as well.

        Most often, though, the men just like to have someone to talk to who is “special” to them.  That may mean going for a walk, taking a trip to Wal-Mart or even having lunch together.  Having a friend is important to all mankind, but especially to those who are lonely and without family.


If you would like to help support the personal needs of our residents through shopping at Kroger, please go online to www.krogercommunityrewards.com and sign up to have a percentage of your purchase donated!
Just use our NPO # MK097. Thank you!


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