What is Cedarcroft?


What is Cedarcroft?


Cedarcroft is a state-licensed, federally recognized, non-profit supportive living facility.  It is governed by a board of directors including several businessmen from the Lebanon community.


 John Bryan Tom Bryan

 From Left to Right:

 T. A. Bryan, Chairman of the Board

 John Bryan, President

 Tom Bryan, Vice-President




From Left to Right:

Troy Putman, Secretary-Treasurer

Jay White




  Diana Cavender







We currently have beds for 136 men who receive round-the-clock care from our dedicated staff.  Cedarcroft is not a medical facility, but regularly visiting medical personnel tend to the needs of our residents.  Dr. Bob Jantz is our medical doctor; he comes every Thursday.  Dr. Putatunda, psychiatrist, visits throughout the month, and Dr. Christina Jones, psychologist, visits weekly.  However, all of our doctors are available as often as needed.


Our room and board rates are competitive with other supportive living facilities, but we are not bound by those rates.  Because the men we care for are often on disability or SSI with limited income, we do make exceptions.

While at Cedarcroft, residents receive many items and services free of charge, such as haircuts, clothing, laundry services, toiletries and volunteer therapy (an in-house training program through which the men can learn basic work skills like dishwashing, housekeeping, landscaping and basic carpentry).  We also have an Activities Director who plans weekly, monthly and quarterly events for our residents, should they choose to participate.


For residents who have little or no close family, we also take care of all state paperwork,  We work closely with our local Social Security office to ensure that all the residents’ funds are used in a manner that is most beneficial for their welfare.

We believe our motto, “Why Cedarcroft Home?  The number one reason: We Care” says it best!  Every man who lives at Cedarcroft is extremely valuable and important.  It is our goal to help them become the very best they can be.  






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